Staff and Teams

This short guide will explain what each group means and what you can do to join them.

Dungeon Master - This is the team for the Dungeon Master. He is in the one in charge of the entire game, absolutely ruling and running it. He is also the head admin of the entire site. Joining the team isn't possible.

Galactic Moderators - The galactic moderators are a team of players who also serve as the site moderators to ensure everything is running smoothly and enforce the rules. Joining the team is only granted by Draxion.

Gaming Experts - The game experts are a team of players dedicated to help others with their character sheets, information about D&D, how the game is played, and so forth. They are basically the veterans of D&D and who have played the game for a while, even years. Joining this team is simply by request to Draxion.

The Squads - The Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo squads are simply teams for players who are actual teams in the D&D game, working and traveling together. Allies sort a speak and one player acts as the Squad Leader who rules and guides the team in the game. To join any of the squads is by request to the either Draxion or the Squad Leader.

Current Squad Leaders

Alpha - Starkiller
Bravo - Dawn Rose
Charlie - N/A
Echo - Reaper

Rogue Players - The name of this team is self-explanatory - players who aren't part of any squad in the game. They adventure alone. Joining this team is by request to Draxion.